Comprehensive Health Panel

This panel will analyze and report over 70 biomarkers that our physicians use to diagnose many diseases, as well as to determine the appropriate treatment. Our biomarkers assess anemia, liver and kidney function, inflammatory markers, hormones, heavy metal toxicity, urinalysis, blood groups, cardiac, tumor and specific tumour markers.

SARS-COV-2 (COVID-19) Testing

At ReGen Scientific, you have multiple options for your COVID-19 testing needs. We offer COVID-19 PCR testing (nasal swab – results within 24 to 48 hours), COVID-19 rapid antigen testing (nasal swab – same day results), and COVID-19 Total Antibody Test, which is used as an indication of the current level of immunity you have against COVID-19.

Complete Blood Count (CBC)

A CBC test evaluates your overall health and detects various disorders, including infection, anemia, and leukemia. This is done through a series of tests that measure and evaluate red blood cells (RBCs), white blood cells (WBCs), and platelets (PLTs). Our laboratory technologist will administer the test by taking a sample of your blood, which will then be sent to our lab for analysis. The results of the CBC will be returned within the same day.


This consists of various tests that examine the urine contents for any signs of infection or disease. These assess the urine based on colour and appearance, chemical, and microscopic findings. It can detect wide range of disorders, including kidney disease, liver disease, urinary tract infections, and diabetes. A urinalysis is also used to monitor preexisting medical conditions and we return the results of the analysis within 2-3 days following your assessment.

Tumour Markers (Biomarker)

Tumour marker tests are done to screen and diagnose cancer, as well as predict what the most effective cancer treatment will be, the likelihood of cancer returning following treatment, and assess the stage of cancer and its response to treatment.

Finding cancer early can allow treatments to be more effective and successful. At ReGen, we offer two types of Tumour Marker tests, depending on the patient. For women, a CA-125 blood test will be performed to measure the levels of CA-125 protein, also known as Cancer Antigen 125, present in the blood. High levels of CA-125 in the blood can be a sign of cancer, most commonly being ovarian cancer, as well as the following: uterine, fallopian tube, pancreatic, breast, colorectal, lung, and stomach cancer. For men, a prostate-specific antigen (PSA) test is done to determine if there are early indications of prostate cancer.

Personalized Medical Assessment

ReGen’s Personalized Medical Assessment (PMA) provides a comprehensive picture of your current health.


It is a safe and painless screening method that uses high-frequency sound waves to capture images in real-time. It examines the main abdominal organs,


Graded exercise test (GXT) Our cardiac testing captures how your heart functions during rest and physical activity. The Graded Exercise Test can reveal problems


Mammograms are essential in the early detection of breast cancer. If detected early, it is easier to treat and therefore lowers the risk of

DEXA Scan and Body Composition

Bone Mineral Density (BMD) A bone mineral density scan detects risk factors for Osteoporosis – a disease weakening the bones to a point where


An x-ray is a quick and painless procedure, commonly used to produce images of the inside of the body. It is a very effective

Head MRI and Cognitive Brain Screening

Head MRI MRI imaging is the gold standard among all medical imaging modalities for identifying potential stroke, brain cancer, trauma, and dementia. In situations

Physical Exam and Consultation with the Physician

Your physician consultation is one of the most valuable aspects of your ReGen Personalized Medical Assessment. At ReGen, you will have the opportunity to

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