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An exclusive membership, where you'll benefit from our highest level of care provided by a dedicated team, along with fully personalized concierge care.

Your dedicated support team is your go-to for all your medical needs, whenever you need it.

This is the most comprehensive medical care program offered, with Dr. Robert Francis as your personal physician.

Membership Includes:

Dedicated Physician

A direct line to Dr. Francis, who will be dedicated to you for your personalized service and continuity of care: ready to provide consultations in-person or over the phone, same day or next day.

Dedicated Support Team

A dedicated support team, including a Nurse Consultant and a Patient Care Coordinator to ensure your health concerns are thoroughly understood and you are well looked after.

In-clinic Diagnostic Tests, and Specialists' Appointments

Your personal Care Team will typically provide you with appointments, diagnostic testing, and results within 48 hours.

Same Day Prescription Renewal

Your personal Nurse Consultant will arrange your prescriptions same-day with your preferred pharmacy.

Complimentary Services

Exclusive benefits that you can take advantage of annually.

The Science of You

Personalized Medical Assessment

A comprehensive assessment which focuses on you, to provide you with a complete picture of your current health.

It is a preventive approach to proactively manage your health as it identifies risks that you may face in the future.

At its core, the assessment includes a number of diagnostic tests. We also have an additional suite of diagnostics at our facility to dive deeper into your health, for those who may need additional testing based on their current health situation.

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