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At ReGen Scientific, we believe that the standard for health and wellbeing begins with you and your unique story.

Founded by Dr. Robert Francis, a Canadian leader in preventative medicine and creator of Medcan, a transformative innovator and health management executive, ReGen Scientific is reimagining healthcare, by enabling individualized health journeys to obtain optimal wellbeing and health extension. Our unique approach is accredited through our proprietary Science of You Platform, which constructs unique health

The Science of You Blueprint informs our multimodal health practices, which are based on the latest in science-based medicine, to enable you to take control of wellbeing, biological aging, and cognitive vitality resulting in: You. Better. Longer. !

Why ReGen Scientific?

Our Values

Our Principle

Your health care and your experience at ReGen Scientific.

Our Mission

Redesign the practice of medicine to ensure precise patient-centric care that is relationship-based.

Our Passion

Changing the health course of individuals to improve their quality of life and extend their “health span.”

Our Value

Working alongside you in providing dedicated personalized health care, and priority access to world-class leading advancements in medicine, with specialized treatments.

Our Vision

Support our medical community as we diagnose, decelerate, and ultimately reverse the path of devastating health decline.

The Founder

Dr. Robert Francis

Chairman and Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Robert Francis has over 40 years of experience in private practice as well as corporate medicine. He has been the corporate Medical Director of several Canadian companies. He established the Canadian Business Research Institute, a non-profit foundation exploring the risk factors of cardiac disease. Prior to founding Medcan and ReGen Scientific, he created additional health care initiatives that included international and domestic government consulting projects, the development of Ontario’s first “walk-in” medical centres, and a national chain of corporate fitness facilities.

Dr. Francis is a graduate of McGill Medical School and St. Francis Xavier University and is on the staff of St. Michael’s and Mount Sinai hospitals, in addition to being a lecturer at the University of Toronto.


Our Doctors


Our Clinic

Located in downtown Toronto, Ontario; you will have the opportunity to have the most advanced comprehensive testing done in one visit at ReGen.

The Science of You

Our Services



An exclusive membership, where you’ll benefit from our highest level of care provided by a dedicated team, along with fully personalized concierge care. 



A membership curated such that you will benefit from our specialized care provided by a dedicated team personalized to your health needs.


Medical Assessment

ReGen’s Personalized Medical Assessment (PMA) provides a comprehensive picture of your current health. 

ReGen Scientific provides a healthcare experience that is unlike any other in Canada

Let’s put you in control of a life that is better, longer