Driven by Science,

Inspired by You

The revolution of personalized medicine has passed the stage of conception and entered reality with well-documented scientific examples in human health intervention earlier and more effectively than ever before to defy aging. At the heart of our work at ReGen Scientific is expanding your “health span”- meaning the number of years you feel healthy, stay active and enjoy the vitality of both mind and body. We are driven by four sciences: The Science of You; The Science of your Mind & Body; The Science of Thriving; and the Science of Regeneration.

As a future client of ReGen, every experience is designed with you in mind so we can meet you ‘where you are’ on your health journey.  From the beginning, we want to understand your current health and take active steps to alter the trajectory of the aging process while addressing any immediate health concerns.

We’re set to open in early 2021. For those who wish to prioritize their health journey with us ahead of launch, access our introductory module below.

Created by the founder of Medcan, Dr. Robert Francis.

ReGen Scientific in the News

ReGen Scientific First Health Institute in Canada to Introduce Evry™ into Proactive Brain Health Management and COVID-19 ‘Long-Hauler’ Research and Support.

April 22, 2021

ReGen Scientific acquires assets of P3 Health, a Canadian clinical leader in integrated personalized and preventative health.

April 12, 2021

MCI Onehealth Announces Partnership with Innovation and Personalized Care Leader, ReGen Scientific.

February 18, 2021

The Future of Healthcare with Rob Francis

February 10, 2021

ReGen Scientific First Health Institute in Canada to Introduce Evry™ into Proactive Brain Health Management and COVID-19 ‘Long-Hauler’ Research and Support.

"Being healthy is more than just managing your health when you're sick. It's about prevention and creating a new way to measure health and live well. Regen Scientific will be there to guide you on your unique health journey!”

Dr. Andra Campitelli
Chief of Integrative Medicine, ReGen Scientific

"I truly think that Regen Scientific will transform our approach to proactive brain health management."

Dr. Rakesh Jetly
Chief of Psychiatry, ReGen Scientific

This Is ReGen

Our Personalized Medical Experience focuses on a regenerative core methodology and personalized treatments that harness your body’s natural ability to repair itself.

Science of You

Because your Body demands a program that is as unique and dynamic as you are

Science of Thriving

Because your biological age should not define your health and vitality

Science of Mind & Body

Because the latest in medical innovation must include how we feel, think and understand our wellbeing to be

Science of ReGeneration

Clinically-driven intervention, treatment and behavioural guidance to add to your healthy years

Change the Way Health is Measured and Care is Delivered

ReGen Scientific is proud to provide programs that are guided by our industry-leading facility of medical diagnostic machines and leading medical professionals.

A focus on Brain Health.
Your brains wellbeing is at the core of total health. That’s why ReGen provides specialty Brain MRI imaging in our preventative program within the Science of the Mind & Body. This is the first of its kind assessment in Canada for early detection of degenerative brain diseases.